Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Prepare for OPERATION JADE HELM across portions of America

Diablo III VIDEO GAME and representative role playing revealed

With all the wars and rumors of wars that are happening across the world, here is even more chilling information for possible MARTIAL LAW PREPARATION in America.  The transition of the American military into a domestic law enforcement capacity is becoming even more revealing with time:

Watch the video below at TIME 50:47:

Also watch video below at TIME 1:14:46:


America's DROUGHT CRISIS begins spreading beyond just California


Are we  heading for a nationwide WATER SHORTAGE?

California Governor issues MANDATORY WATER RESTRICTIONS...

Will the FED be able to squeeze WATER out of thin air?

Unless the climate change results in greater average annual rainfall in many SEVERE to EXCEPTIONAL DROUGHT STRICKEN REGIONS it appears that America may be heading toward a major WATER CRISIS.  We are learning that aquifers and reservoirs are drying up along with many major rivers and streams and even natural lakes.  The weather forecasts and outlooks for drought conditions in the nation's corn belt are exceeding troubling as the new growing season begins.  Will the Obama government be able to squeeze water out of thin air with weather modification? 


It's time to buy SILVER and here's why

Eventually the U.S. DOLLAR will no longer exist

Take it from an honest used car salesman:

More evidence that the U.S. DOLLAR will eventually be losing its WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY status:

Highlights on The You Tube VIDEO NETWORK

Previously on You Tube...

Monday, March 30, 2015

TEAM SILVER is losing now as channels begin to end


The GOLD and SILVER nonsense is ending now and will continue to do so as these "truthers" who were far from truth are slowly being revealed and will become a byword now in the investment world relating to physical commodities.  Everyone will soon be conditioned to receive the strong delusion next which will actually be sent by God himself.  Also, they will be worshiping the man of sin, the son of perdition in what they like to refer to as the new paradigm.  Even so, come Lord Jesus:


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts warns of INFLATIONARY DEPRESSION

Who would want this to happen?  Well so far it hasn't been happening but rather there is continual evidence and reports of economic recovery.  Either you believe the CONSPIRACY THEORISTS or you believe the Obama Government.  Who do you believe?

Saturday, March 28, 2015

United States of America AIR FORCE ONE aircraft to be replaced

More than $3 BILLION over the next 5 years

Good thing they can print money out of thin air...

The Boeing 747's need to be replaced.   The top priority is quality aircraft to meet the presidential requirements.  The plan is to have 3 new B747/800's:


Friday, March 27, 2015

Is Monsanto Roundup safe?

Wells Fargo strategist says stocks are a buying opportunity


Silver Stacker Jsnip4 fights his forclosure with Bank of America

Does stacking silver lead to financial insolvency?


Barack Hussein Obama is The Antichrist and Pope Francis I is the False Prophet

The RAPTURE is imminent

How do we know this?  Pastor Dockidds said so:


Germanwings CO-PILOT Andreas Lubitz reported MENTALLY ILL


Co-pilot was suffering from mental illness and depression

Medical documents, existing illness, ongoing medical treatment...

New findings raise questions on MENTAL HEALTH SCREENING

Are the airlines safe to fly?

According to new reports the co-pilot who portrayed a picture of health was hiding a very troubling mental illness and even treatment:

Wow 600 HOURS and you get to fly an airbus!  Well they basically fly themselves anyway for the most part: